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over the weekend. fox 5 morning news at 7:00 starts right now. starting you off with a shot from sky foxhis morning. sun coming up across the d.c. region. it is thursday morning, august 27th, 2009. we're glad you're with us. good morning, i'm steve chenevey. >> and for the latest on today's weather and what danny could bring. but first coming up, they rush to get d.c. classrooms ready for students now the same workers were shown the door after a modernization of schools. we'll talk to mayor adrian fenty coming up. and congress works back to work in a couple of weeks, but during the break members en been getting an earful one congressman will join us during the 8:00 hour. we are tracking tropical
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storm danny. the storm is picking up steam with top winds of about 65 miles per hour. it's expected to pass the coast over the weekend. from the carolinas up to cape cod could see some rain and high surf. >> let's check in with tucker barnes and see if it's good to head to bethany. >> you can see it's showing signs of upper level winds. i'll have more taildes deon dan nwh and where it may track over the next t abaninouh4 wa . shon gt washington weathe it will be summery out there with sunshine and the possibility of a few scattered showers d outhunderstorms. genleal clyar cskies at ts hi hour. off to the north and west acss pennsylvania, we have
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cloud cover. some showers will fade down into the washington area as a weak cold front moves through during the course of the day. can't rule out the possibility that you might see a scattered shower or thunderstorm this afternoon. temperatures, we're finally cooling off. reagan national, down to 73 degrees. if you can call that cool. 67 in dulles. and bwi marshall is 71. here is a ok at forecast and partly cloudy skies. the possibility you might encountered a scattered shower or thunderstorm. high temperature about 89 degrees. it will be more humid as well. i'll be back in a couple of minutes with another look at danny. let's get to on-time traffic and the one and only julie wright. lanes are open if you are traveling along new york avenue leaving northeast and northwest, police are investigating a shooting that took place at 34th and bening. they say the outbound lanes are blocked. inbound everything is open. no incidents to report on the top stretch of the beltway. delays leaving new hampshire
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avenue toward silver spring. southbound 270, all lanes are open passing 85, buckies town, the early accident has cleared. now you're in for slow downs approaching montrose to the lane divide. slow from duke street, earlier incident has cleared to the shoulder. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. it will be the final stop on senator kennedy's trip from cape cod to virginia. >> we are joined now by sarah simons with details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, steve and allison. we understand senator kennedy will be laid to rest here at arlington cemetery at 5:00 saturday afternoon. this is a private service for a very public man who touched the lives of so many. senator kennedy's body will be
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taken from cape cod to boston by a motorcade. the repose will be at john f. kennedy library for public viewing and president obama is expected to deliver the eulogy. he'll be buried at arlington national cemetery. the massachusetts senator touched many lives. >> i had the honor of working on some of his campaigns and being at his house once and i just felt i needed to come and contemplate and thank him. >> reporter: katie waited on the senator at a local restaurant. >> he got coffee and hung out with everyone. he was a really good guy. he tipped me $40. >> reporter: kennedy was a regular at kincaids restaurant in foggy ottom. >> i would be hard pressed to name anybody in congress who
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stands for the same ideals that he stands for. >> he liked good wine. he would get a nice bottle of burgundy. >> reporter: and he was found of the irish soda bread, taking a loaf to go for his sister-in- law ethel. >> reporter: he was a very popular man so you can imagine a lot of people will come out on saturday and we understand the cemetery will be open but the jfk grave site will be closed saturday morning due to the private service. arlington house, known as general lee's home which overlooks the grave site, will also close at noon, steve and allison, to try to keep this service as private as possible. back to you. >> thank you, sarah. so what is is next for the senate seat that kennedy held
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since 1962. who will take over the senate seat? potential candidates include his nephew joe kennedy, his wife vicki kennedy. former massachusetts congressman marty meeh, current congressman steven lynch and attorney general martha coakley. still ahead, we'll talk with eleanor holmes norton of her memories of kennedy after 7:30 this morning. and a photo gatery of his life -- gallery of his life is on right now it is 5 minutes after 7:00. students at d.c. public schools headed back to class this week. but not everything went to according to planned, including some students being given face masks because of continued construction. we'll talk to the mayor about that. and after spending time in prison, michael vick returns to the playing field tonight, but not before he appears in a virginia courtroom. details coming up.
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it is six minutes past the hour. cu.esnd pcu
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welcome back. 9 minutes past the hour. we are joined as we are every thursday by mayor adrian fenty. >> we have been looking back on the great life of senator ted kennedy and we would like to start with your recollections of the man. and what he meant tas as well. >> well he is a staunch supporter of d.c. voting rights. he was not shy about it. and sponsors the bills over the years and was instrumental when we got the home rule act to pass in congress back in the 70s. and again, he's aligned with so many things that are important
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to d.c. residents, education, health care, civil rights issues. he lived in the district and will sorely be missed by everyone. i think he was part of the magic of washington, if you will. people came from all over the country to see this magnificent city and ted kennedy and his family are part of that. >> and do you feel, and this is not slight toward any men of congress, but sometimes there is a division between the federal government and city in which they work. do you feel senator kennedy was a true friend of the city of washington and took pride of being here in the nation's capital. >> absolutely. again he lived not too far from here. you could see him in a local restaurant or local retail store. really got involved in the city. but that's the type of person he was. he got involved in everything. when i got elected mayor, he called and my wife and i went
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over and had breakfast with he and his wife. he didn't have to do that. he wanted to show he's not just a part-time resident. he loves the city and helps us out on a lot of things. >> so he was genuine. >> yes. and i think we can go down the list of all of the things that he helped this city get done. i'm glad he'll have his tribute at arlington national cemetery. >> whenever you have a counselman -- this year was notable for the lack of drama for the beginning of schools and that happened last week. ringing endorsement considering years past. >> that's a great endorsement. >> you put $200 million in renovations, five new schools opened. we saw burros school over the weekend, still the last minute preparations and then the layoffs with the custodians there.
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so how do you feel the beginning of the school year went? >> i think it went fantastic. a real low number of teacher vickanc. a historic low. i think it was in double-digit tops. all of the principals are hired. we have i think 1,000 new teachers. we have all kinds of new programs in the schools from this new kind of mentoring program that the chancellor has. more kids are scoring high on a.p. classes. so the system, which still has a long way to go, is headed in the right direction fast. you mention the facility. the bar has been raised. there were times, not three years ago, when this entire system would close because it would be too hot or too cold. you just close 20-25 schools. you never hear about those type of situations. the chancellor has done a great
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job and there are very few issues. there will always be some issues, but i think the burros things was nipped in the bud really quick. >> it's safe to enter now. >> i'm sure whether there was anything real and any time you have a concern we get on top of it. >> tillman elementary, one of the success projects in columbia heights and great soccer field, i don't think anybody will argue that. i think the argument is the fact that they're calling this mayor fenty field and they have the shameless self-promotion on your side. do you have any thoughts? >> first of all, i didn't foe the name was on there until i got there for the ribbon cutting. i'll be honest, it doesn't matter to me what the name is on the field or not. my name is on traffic signs all over city. i'm glad we don't put my name
7:15 am
on the big permanent ones and they can take my name off of it. i really don't -- >> but to you, the renovation is the big picture. >> absolutely. last year the field was dismal. and we made changes and that field looks as good as anything you would find in say redskins park and that's great for our young kids who go to the school and for the community and play soccer. and we've done about 20 other fields like that in the past two years. >> and just on the facility workers that were let go, any chance they could be absolved back into the system at all or are those pink slips permanent for those men and women let go? >> i there is always a chance that people can come back in different ways. i really -- this isn't
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something a worked on with the chancellor and the facilities director. my charge to them is make our schools look as fantastic as fox 5 or city hall or anything else. so however they think the best way to do that is, i kind of turn that over to them. >> i wanted to move on to new beginnings now. we reported on this rehabilitation project where they use gun parts and turn the violence into art work, but some of the gun parts were found in different parts of the facility and now the question has come up, is it safe to have any weapons of any type for a therapeutic programs or anything in the hands of the people who are incarcerated there. >> i remember being briefed on this when i was at new beginnings. and it seemed like another outside the box way of kind of educating the young people and saying, get rid of guns for
7:17 am
negative use, get rid of guns completely. it turns into something productive. i don't know the accuracy about the different parts of i would just caution us to let's do an investigation first. what usually happens around new beginnings is everyone kind of reports the worst. but what ends up happening is you find out there is a real message to what they have been doing out there and they are able to touch the young people in way that's other people haven't been able to. so i'll look into that and get back to you. but i like the fact they're thinking outside of the box, trying to find out new ways to bring these young people back into a productive society. >> let's get to a couple of e- mails. from ms. jones in the trinidad area. so many people have come out in the past against the check points that the d.c. police department have used in the area. she wants to know what can the citizens that want the check points there do to keep the police in the area and she also saying that she likes the police presence and says it would be nice if those assigned
7:18 am
to the neighborhood would come out and introduce themselves and not just show up whenever there is a crime there. is there anything that can be done for the people that want thepolice presence there? >> there is. the check points are one part of a solution. we think they're important. we're going to keep fighting for them. but just real solid community policing be visible through the trinidad area and other areas is something we can do and should do and the chief is excited about and this is a great point about making sure the officers continue to introduce themselves. we were over in carver terrace with some if you recruits being trained and we were going with them knocking on doors so we'll keep doing more of that. >> and quickly one more from nicole hunter. this is about the south east tennis and learning center and she says the after school -- after care program is shutting down and creating a hardship for her and she wanted to know if that would be the only
7:19 am
faction of the tennis center shutting down? >> and that won't even shut down. there is a fantastic organization that has been a part of southeast learning center and they have some technical issues with the lease. i'm not sure what will happen with that, but our commitment is the tennis, the after- school, all of it will continue but be enhanced. >> thank you very much. >> nd you can e-mail us your questions for the mayor at and we'll talk to themayor again next week. checking in on breaking news now. two eastbound lanes are blocked on bening road northeast because of a shooting there. this happened around 3:00 this morning. we know d.c. police shot one suspect. they are setting up a staging area at 34th and bening. we're going to stay on top of this story and bring you updates as soon as we get them into our news room. >> in the meantime, we want to
7:20 am
take another look at our forecast. what could impact us this weekend? >> danny. i have an update a few minutes ago and we'll give you an update. let's go right to the computer and we'll show you what is going on with danny here. tropical storm, maximum winds 60 miles per hour. still forecast to slowly strengthen here over next couple days. in fact it should be a hurricane off the coast of cape hatteras into the weekend. here is the projected path of danny. and it's right off the coast of the astern seaboard. and we have high pressure off to the east and a digging area of tropicaess, a cold front, moving through this weekend and they will become players in where danny tracks in the weekend. but needless to say we need to watch it carefully because it could impact us on the beaches and here in washington we could see some of the outer bands from danny as it moves asoff ve the north and east this
7:21 am
weekend. our weather todayn a75agrean na boston is reporting a cool 61 degrees. a couple of showers and perhaps a scattered thunderstorm in the forecast today as that cold front -- see the cloudiness and ow light showerctivity up across central pennsylvania, that's asciitat woled coh er air and that will start to push south during the course of the co da y. we have a thunderstorm in the forecast today. with highs in the upper 80s and it will be humid. i think you'll notice the humidity later this afternoon. so the humidity is back for a couple of days. here is your five-day forecast. had to throw in a shower and thunderstorm up in saturday and sunday. we have a combination of watching danny off the coast and a cold front which will come through. so the weekend will be unsettled. highs on sunday in 78 and overnight lows in the 50s, so a taste of canadian air on the way. and now let's get to julie wright we are a crew on the scene,
7:22 am
we were told about 3:00 this morning there was a shooting that took place in northeast washington around bening road at 34th and now leaving the anacostia avenue and 34th is where we have reported that the right lane is blocked and that's what you can see here. metropolitan police on the scene. so coming from d.c. back towards 295 and beyond we have the right lane blocked with very little delay. inbound, the headlights coming toward you, the lanes are on. not too much of a backup as you continue toward d.c. we'll take it back inside and update your ride elsewhere. 85 and 270 at buckie's down, traffic down. no accidents across the 14th street bridge. all lanes are open with no incidents to report. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. it's 7:22 right now on this purse morning and coming up next, they bailed out troubled
7:23 am
banks but now they may need help of their own. how many the fdic shelled out. and celebrating 100 years of flight, holly is prepping for a sky high party in prince george's county this weekend and it's coming up next on fox 5 morning news. 7:22 now. 
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remember the bank failures over the last year. well they may have demeeted -- depleted the fdic. we'll know how they are doing later today. and one banking expert thinks the fdic will go negative at some point this year. don't worry about your bank account. it is backed by the government. best-selling author dominic dnn has died. he passed away at his home from bladder cancer at the age of 83. he wrote about the crimes
7:27 am
committed by the rich and famous. his most famous work was the trial of o.j. simpson. it is now 7:26 on this thursday morning and we are tracking tropical storm danny. tucker has the latest on the possible path toward our area after the break. and also up next, eleanor holmes norton shares her memories of working with the liberal lyon, senator ted kennedy, coming up next. (announcer) get our best back to school prices...
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our top story this morning, memorial plans have been laid out for senator ted kennedy who passed away late tuesday evening. a private service is being held on cape cod at noon today. the senator's body will travel to boston, passing through sites that were significant to him along the way. he will lie in repose for two days in a presidential library and then a funeral will be held on saturday before his body is flown to arlington national cemetery to be buried near ajoh obandob b bby. all eyes are on tropical storm danny right now in the atlantic as the storm appears to be picking up speed with top winds of about 60 miles per
7:31 am
hour. things could change, but at this point the current forecast has danny on a atpph to clip th coast over the weekend. beaches from carolinas up to cape cod could see some rain and high surf. tucker is here to talk about that and. >> danny will pass closer to the coastline it looks like. it may not be as intense as bill, but any time they get close to the delmarva peninsula, we have to take precaution with it. so we'll watch this path carefully over the next couple daves. let's rright to the satellite radar and i'll show eve iomementioned ntit, 's starting to show signs of slowly iensiing. maximum winds now are enabout 6 miles per hour. you can see it's not a typical picturesque hurrine. it's lacking -- what is happening is some of the colder clouds, the more intense rain bands are being pushed off to the north and wiest as there is
7:32 am
still wind sheer. that will let up and the storm will likely intensify into a account gory one hurricane. track will pull it off to the north and west. it is moving north and west at 10 miles per hour, currently centered about 525 miles to the east southeast of cape hatteras. it will eventually pull north and then northeast. when that occurs will be critical in where it moves but it will kind of parallel the eastern seaboard on saturday and saturday night. the beaches need to keep a close eye on this. if you're planning to head toward ocean city, rehoboth, keep an eye on the storm because you're likely to find breezy beaches and it could even impact us here in washington if it tracks right. we're comfortable out there but more humid than yesterday.
7:33 am
67 in dollars. 64 in frederick. our temperatures, they are typical for this time of year and they will be later in afternoon with highs back into the upper 80s. yesterday we were in the low 90s. cooler today day and the reason we'll get more in the way of cloud cover is this weak cold front, see it here stretched across portions of pennsylvania with light shower activity. that will move in during the course of the day today so we'll see a couple of isolated scattered showers or thunderstorms and then some cooler air will start to manufacture in behind it. by tomorrow we'll only be about 80 or so. forecast for today, partly cloudy skies. a couple of afternoon showers. more humid than yesterday as well. high temperature as mentioned, upper 80s. a low of 89 here in washington. winds out of the east at about 5 miles per hour. and then tonight a couple of scattered showers and thunderstorms overnight. you'll often notice humidity stays in tact with overnight lows at about 70 or so. here is your five-day forecast and i mentioned cooler tomorrow. 80 degrees. had to keep the shower or thunderstorm in there. many people will have out door plan this is weekend. we'll fine tune the forecast
7:34 am
but we had to have showers on saturday and sunday with a cold front moving through during the course of the weekend. so itat some point during the course of the weekend. let's get to my favorite person in purple, julie wright. >> are you comparing me to an oversized dinosaur? >> i wouldn't do that. >> i love you -- traffic along 270 will stack up leaving montgomery village avenue and then from falls toward the split. lanes seeing volume southbound. no accidents to report on the top stretch. and into the sun, here we go, 66 on the brakes and after nutley street to the beltway. downtown police are still investigating an incident from this morning, a shoot ago long bening road in the out bound direction between anacostia and
7:35 am
34th street where the right lane is still blocked. 295 slow toward the research lab with a disabled road in the median. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. more now on the life and legacy of senator ted kennedy. >> joining us by phone, eleanor holmes norton. good morning. >> good morning. >> first of all, condolences to you. you lost a friend in senator ted kennedy,i lost a friend and so did the district of columbia. we had no senators, but there were none more there fr for us than senator ted ennedy. we had to go across the aisle to get help to push the bill
7:36 am
through the senate. he anchored himself on the issues and with the people who had no voice, who were the most dispossessed and who could be more dispossessed than those who had no vote in the house and the senate. it's sad that nobody iser re --er replaceable and it's as close as anybody than he is. >> and let me read about what you wrote in your memo of remembrance. you said, in referring to the senator, although ill in massachusetts, he was the first to call to assure me of his continued work on d.c. voting rights and continued to help during his absence from the senate. you can talk a little bit about that. not just as his leadership, but as his commitment of a person. >> this great irony in the life of ted kennedy and in the attention he gave to what some would consider small and not in
7:37 am
his realm like d.c. issues as well as biggest issues of our time like health care which was of course his signature issue. he would plant himself, as we all remember, on the left. he was a man of the left. not of the fuzzy middle. and then you might ask how could a man that is regarded as a liberal senator become the ultimate reconciler, the man who brought the deal in, the man who when you had to in fact make a deal, this man, who had gone where other members often feared to go, is the man who would walk to the other side of the aisle, talk to the most conservative senators and make it happen. you can imagine the help he would have been to me in these last days as we're close to
7:38 am
getting d.c. voting rights would have this outrageous amendment that would wipe out all of the gun laws in the district of columbia attached to it. i feel i must at least try to get off. well there are not a lot of senators around, and who came on in the senate, who had that ability. ted was not there physically to do the work and it shows. it shows on health care. we are all confused and flopping around because there is no anchor, no centrifugal force to bring it all together. he will be missed and already has been, even though he's been alive and in massachusetts, he's not been in the senate and the repercussions of his absence have been felt long before his passing a couple of days ago. >> on the topic of health care, do you feel now that there are perhaps -- there might be a renewed sense of bipartisan cooperation, trying to get
7:39 am
something pushed through for the american people regarding reform? >> i do. perhaps i'm an optimist, too much of an optimist, but i do think we'll get a health care bill and i do think the entire senate and the house and the country knows this is the issue above all that ted kennedy lived for. i can only hope that his passing brings us to our senses and makes us finally give the american people what people all over the world have long had health care for people who get sick. >> let's put politics aside and focus on your friendship and the way that he was perceived. so manpeople said in the last two days, he appeared to be a normal guy in normal places. and the fact that even though he was sick, he still called you to let you know, look, i have your back here, i'm going to try to help you out with some of the issues that you're fighting on the hill. what does that say about his
7:40 am
character as a person, politics aside? >> if you think about the fact that here is a senator who represented massachusetts and yet he looks at his panorama of issues and sees the residents of the district of columbia mattered to him, you'll see why he endeared himself to so many people. i went to ted during the eight of the struggle for voting rights an asked him to co- sponsor with me a bill to give the congressional gold medal to the first african-american popularly elected senator, senator ed brook who will be 90 years old coming up in a few months. ted and i had each two-thirds of the members of the senate to side on. that's very hard to get that. not because people wouldn't sign it, but it's a lot of people. it took me a long time to get
7:41 am
my two-thirds. he got his in no time. we have season for brook down here. we haven't given him the gold medal yet. we are preparing to give him the congressional gold medal, the highest medal that you can receive from the congress this coming fall. senator brooks served with senator kennedy. and you can imagine that this is a ceremony he and the president of the united states for that matter would have wanted to aend it. so there is so many reasons why his passing leaves an emptiness in me and millions of americans, including millions who do not call themselves kennedy democrat >> congresswoman, we appreciate your time and your reflections on a life lost with senator ted kennedy. thank you. >> my pleasure. >> we'll take a short break d we'll be back with more fox 5 morning news right after this. it is now 7:41.
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fenway park flag was at half staff as they pay tribute to senator ted kennedy. there was a moment of silence before the game and a video tribute. it comes after the life long red sox fan threw out the first pitch on opening day. michael vick expected to play in an nfl game for the first time in two years tonight. first though he'll make another court appearance in the state of virginia. he's due to appear in a bankruptcy court hearing in newport news later this morning, after which he's expected to fly back to philadelphia for the preseason game against the jaguars. it will be his first nfl action since december 31st, 2006 when he was playing for he falcons. that game was also in philadelphia. interesting. >> that's a busy day for him today. >> it sure is. court in the morning, football at night. >> i bet he can't wait to get back. we'll see how it goes. >> very interesting. it certainly will. and in philadelphia of all
7:46 am
cities. well let's talk about weather. that's my area of expertise. and today we're going to be -- it will be fine today. it will be more humid than yesterday. our temperatures around 90. and we have a chance of an afternoon scattered shower or thundersrm. not a lot happening off to the north and that's where our focus is. see the light shower activity in central pennsylvania, that's associated with a weak cold front which will continue to press on into the washington area during the course of the day today. partly cloudy skies out there. i think maybe mostly cloudy by late this afternoon with a scattered shower or an isolated thunderstorm. the chances are about 20% so most of us wima reindr rey throughout the day today. let's see what we can find in a ay of temperatures and islelia ttmi little miler dth an was yesterday rninmog rnmog inrnat and a little more humid as well. 69 in roanoke, 73 here in washington. 69 up in new york city. and afternoon high temperatures today will top out in the upper 80s. here is your five-day forecast. 9 this afternoon. again, humid with an isolated
7:47 am
shower or thunderstorm. cooler tomorrow behind the front, 80. and the weekend looks, like we say in the weather world, unsettled. we'll have to watch tropical storm danny and we'll have a cold front move through the weekend and that could spell wet weather here on saturday and sunday. >> you're good at other things too, tucker, but weather is what -- your expertise on the show. >> i like to consider myself an expert in weather. >> do i get a vote? >> no. you're our resident traffic expert and we'll keep it there right now, julie. >> i wasn't going to talk about tucker. i'm just saying. live southbound along 270 this morning, for those working southbound out of rockville toward the split, out of germantown you'll find yourself on and off the brakes. a fender-bender at 70 and 85, that has cleared. slowing toward 270 and leaving rockville toward the lane divide. 66 into the sunshine, still on the slow side between 50 and
7:48 am
123, nutley street to the capital beltway. and again authorities are out with the incident that occurred overnight between bening and 34th. you'll find the right lane blocked. and slow up toward naval research lab off the road to the median. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. 7:47 right now on this thursday morning. >> let's check in with holly. >> reporter: good morning. i'm kind of hanging out with the right brothers right now. this is orville and this is wilbur. any way, we are were talking about a high flying party going on this weekend in college park. it's called airfare 100. it is celebrating 100 years of hist orory here at the airport and aviation museum where we are live. we'll tell you why you want to get in on the celebration this weekend. it's all next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. (announcer) get our best back to school prices...
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are you in the danger zone in do you have what it takes to be a rock star? you have until sunday to sign up for our fox rocks contest. go to and up load your bands original song. fox 5 viewers will listen to them and pick their favorites to compete at the battle of the bands in arlington and the winner gets to appear here on
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fox 5 morning news. >> thanks, goose. did you know, staying on the air theme, that the world's oldest continuously operating airport is right here in our backyard. >> this morning holly is at the college park museum they are celebrating 100 years of flight this weekend. >> our own holly morris. >> reporter: i thought you were playing the danger zone in reference to my flying skills, because i was trying ut the flight simulator here and i look pretty good considering the crashes i've already been through this morning. we are here because this is yet another example of how our area is so rich in history and maybe you don't even know it. the world's longest, oldest, continuously operating airport here in college park and it's because of a man named wilbur wright and they are celebrating all 100 years this weekend. warren karen is the curator and is a affiliate of the
7:53 am
smithsonian, which people also probably don'tnow. >> that is correct. we are a affiliate and because of the great story we have here at college park, we're nationally significant and internationally significant in aviation history. >> so we have mr. wright here behind us and tell us what we have here. >> they're learn about the oldest continuously operated airport. wilbur wright came here in 1909 to train flyers and he trained two pilots to solo fly and an additional pilot received his basic flight training. and since then, the army aviation school was here, moved away, other aviations like postal air mail came here, first practical helicopter flight and others came here, but we are celebrating the fact that it was wilbur wright coming here in 1909, 100 years
7:54 am
ago this fall, to train those pilots. >> reporter: and how have you been able to sustain an operating airport. it might be one of those thing that's went by the wayside. >> well the big thing is there was always a reason to have the airport here, whether it be experimental, like with the helicopte, or whether it be practical like the air mail. or whether it just served the purpose of the people who live in the area, lik the general aviators that call the college park area and the metropolitan washington, d.c. area home. >> reporter: queue the danger zone because here we are in the flight simulator and tell me what we're going to do here. >> we're going to try to flight one of those wright brothers airplanes. and we have the sticks here. they don't look like the moden controls in an airline. this will control your up and down. >> now i was practicing, but they say wait until it gets up to 30 miles per hour before you
7:55 am
slightly get off the ground. >> that's right. >> reporter: so we're watching the speed and here we go. now it's easy, right? because i did it a little too fast before. now we're at 34 miles per hour. here is the problem, maintaining the speed while you're up there. so now we pitch it a little forward. >> you're doing -- >> reporter: look at the ain, it's smoking us on the right- hand side there. there we go. >> you're doing a little bopping up and down but you have some control. >> reporter: now let's try and turn. just a little bit. how long would they flight back then? >> most of the flights were just a couple of minutes long, sometimes just over a minute. >> i think ours is about ready to end right now. >> i think we're close. >> reporter: oh, gosh. okay. so it was a little bit of a rough landing. are we still with it. >> i think you hit the train
7:56 am
tracks. >> but what is cool and what you want people to learn is you get to watch your flight back. and so tell me what people walk away from when they come do this? >> what they're experiencing is this is the beginning of flight. it's something that wilbur wright and his brother orville had never flown before try to when they went to kitty hawk and so they had to figure it out by the seat of their pants. so the controls made up from the experience they had of bicycles and they had to figure out details of flight. >reporter: and it only cost a dollar to do this and it will only cost you $4 to see the airshow this weekend. we'll talk more about that coming up in the next hour. airport manager will talk about the things you can come ott and see this weekend. is our website. we have a link to theirs so you can come out and try this yourself. and i will say, this is probably about the only plane
7:57 am
crash that you will actually walk away from. so it's a good experience, come do it here. >> never easy to fly a 100-year- old plane. thanks, holly. we did the big promo shoot and get to know people, an inside job at the promo shoot, but any way, out at eastern market. and we met a lot of nice people out there and one woman we met is a mom and she has three girls, my girls are three and she had three t's and it says allison see moyer and it says love from the three little girls. so i want to say thanks. we met a lot of nice people and that was nice. and i promised her mom i would show it, and a promise is a promise. you do not break those promises. thank you very much, girls. i love it. >> and thanks everybody who came out to say hello. we appreciate it and hope to see you again.
7:58 am
it is 7:57 now. >> up next george connelly will join us. we'll talk about metro and other issues facing the commonwealth. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back.
7:59 am
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8:01 am
plans are in place now for senator ted nnedy's final farewell. his burial will be here where he built a liberal lyon. good morning, i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. we'll check out max hd radar. this is tropical storm danny ge heads for the east coast. we are keeping an eye on that in the weather department. and we have that plus our forecast. and it's intertwined at some point. >> into the weekend we'll have to watch the path very carefully. it will parallel the coast won'take a direct landfall here in the washington area but it could impact the beaches and as far west as washington by saturday noon i think. there is another look. and maximum winds are about 60
8:02 am
miles per hour and moving to the north and northwest at about 10 miles per hour. so we'll get an upd e iern pdhere in a few minutes and i'll have rels ndanny coming up. let's talk about today and right now. iand thn e 'l'll worry about danny. a couple of clouds to start the day. for the most part, a sunong frot dsouviclo m ngfrom the north to e htnorthwest as a weak cold front moves through during thehh e urof e afternoon. a couple of scattered showers. perhaps an afternoon summer thunderstorm. we'll miss them because soon enough it will be fall, we'll have cooler temperatures next week. temperatures, right now reagan national is 75. dulles 73, bwi marshall is 74. again, a little less heat than yesterday. yesterday we were 92 downtown. today 89, but we'll add more humidity. so i think it will be every bit as uncomfortable. partly cloudy skies and a scattered shower or thunderstorm in the forecast and i'll be back in a few
8:03 am
minutes to take a closer -- a closer inspection of danny. let's check in with julie wright and see if folks are looking forward to anything on the roads. >> thaer looking forward to a delay, north of braddock toward 66, dealing with a slowdown there. earlier disabled vehicle north of braddock has cleared. now take a look behind me. this is the inner loop of the beltway, right here at the american legion bridge. that's where we have the remains of an incident crowding that left lane. this is traffic coming from the dulles toll road from the tysons area northbound toward bethesda. and again this is where we have the incident blocking the left lane. and again traffic very slow right now as you travel north leaving tysons toward 270. outer loop of the beltway, your lanes are open and smooth sailing. again it's the inner loop leaving virginia toward maryland where we have the incident blocking the left lane. 395 north of duke, steady, no accidents to report toward seminary. traffic slows near the beltway
8:04 am
up toward research light. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. today is the first of three days of farewells for senator ted kennedy. at noon today there is a private service on cape cod. then his body will be transported to boston, stopping at plates -- places that were special to him lost boston commons and then tonight there is a ceremony at the kennedy library. >> then the body will be taking to the dallas illicca of our lady for a augustology at mass. and then he will be buried near his brothers at arlington cemetery. >> and sarah simmons joins us live. >> reporter: the senator will
8:05 am
be buried here at a service at 5:00 on saturday afternoon. it is a private service and closed to the public, but a private service for a very public man who touched the lives of so many people. >> a popular tourist attraction in the area. >> it is timeless. it will always stay the same and will always remind us of john kennedy. >> reporter: the eternal flame flickering for 45 years now. >> it's awesome and emotional. it's just so much tragedy and knowledge. it was sad. >> reporter: just down a hill, the murrained stated final resting place of kennedy. >> you can't be there without being emotional. >> reporter: and this is where ted kennedy will be buried on saturday. somewhere to left of bobby's grave site. >> i think it's good for a
8:06 am
family to be together. >> reporter: a assassinated president, a murdered presidential candidate and now a senator brother. >> he's lived all of his life up there and i'm surprised they're going to bury him here. >> was he a veteran. >> he served in the military, but was never sent to korea. >> but that's okay. >> reporter: the final resting place for more than 327,000 americans, arlington national cemetery averages about 30 burials a day, monday through friday. we're not sure what kind of ceremony the kennedy family is planning, but an arlington spokesperson tells us if a world war ii korean or vietnam veteran wishes to be buried here, it can take as long as aso months to schedule raevn te the veteran has died. saturday afternoon, the third longest surviving senator in u.s. history willjoin brothers jack and bobby in these hollowed hills overlooking the potomac.
8:07 am
>> reporter: now mourners are expected to pour into arlington on saturday, which will still be open to the public, but we understand that its john f. kennedy grave site itself will be closed starting saturday morning. but then arlington house, also known as general lee's house that overlooks the potomac and over looks the grave site, that wilbe closed starting at noon. remember the service again is at 5:00 in the afternoon. but they are closing that house at noon to keep the service as private as possible. steve and allison, back to you. >> sarah, thank you very much. [ singing ] last night a large crowd gathered in dupont -- circle to reflect on the life of the man known as the liberal lyon. >> it felt like there was something solemn. people just getting together and lighting a candle to honor senator kennedy was a good way to remember him. >> i just think it's a part of
8:08 am
honoring senator kennedy's life, showing support for the landmark legislation that he's passed during his time as a public servant. >> the vigil was organize by within of senator kennedy's biggest supporters, political group move and you don't need to open a history book to see his legacy. >> it extends outside the walls of congress and into the streets. beth parker found plenty of exples of his legacy in action and how it's affecting people living here in the d.c. area. >> reporter: this army of volunteers lost a leader. pete davis delivers food to elderly people through meals on wheels in arlington. >> i tnk there would be a lot of hungry people if this program didn't exist. >> reporter: back in 1972, ted kennedy sponsored legislation to make sure older people have a nutritious meal. today meals on wheels delivers a million meals a day.
8:09 am
peggy ingram works for the association. >> he wrote a letter to the ceo saying i love this program and that's true. and he lived that. >> reporter: ingram says this week she was still talking to his office about helping those in need. >> i think he was a voice for the voiceless, perhaps is the best way to put it. >> reporter: every time you walk down a street you see his work. before he americans with disabilities act passed in 1990, there were very few curbs like this one that helped disablesred people -- disabled people get around. because of ted kennedy, the sidewalks and billings -- buildings look different. and there is the family medical leave. >> if you look at all of the laws he left his mark on, there is no senator that comes close. >> reporter: andy runs the american association of people with disabilities and he has
8:10 am
bipolar disorder. he says people with mental illness has benefited from kennedy's work and so for him it's personal. >> this is a hugeloss. if you care for civil rights, if you care about women's rights or immigrants rights, you lost a huge champion. >> he said everybody else who is fighting with civil rights will now have to work a lot harder. beth parker, fox 5 news. >> senator kennedy spent decades pushing for health care reform. he called it the great cause of his life. now democrats are vowing to careoy on the fight. senator chris todd hopes they can get it done. >> my hope is this will cause people to take a breath, step back and start talking with each other again and in more civil tones about what needs to be done. because that's what teddy would do. he was passionate about the issues, but there was no one better to bring people together
8:11 am
to get a job done. >> john mccain praised the senator on sunday saying the health care reform effort would be if a different place if ted kennedy hadn't participated in the debate. and it's 8:10. coming up next, jerry connelly joins us live with a look at issues facing the commonwealth. and punishment for one cheating husband. what he had to do, coming up next on fox 5 morning news.  
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
it is now 8:13 on this thursday morning and time for a look at stories making headlines. d.c. police investigating a shooting involving an officer around 3:00 this morning in the 3300 block of bening road in north east this is a live look at the area. at this point all we know that the officer shot at a suspect and that officer was not hurt. two eastbound lanes on bening road are closed. michael vick's comeback into the spotlight tonight.
8:15 am
he makes his preseason debut with the new team, the philadelphia eagles. he was suspended from the nfl and went to federal prison for his role in a dogfighting operation. before the game today, vick has to come back to virginia to seek a judge's approval for a plan to pay back his creditors and then i'll fly to the game. >> the ceo richmond society for the prevention of call ty of animals will not face charges in the death of her own dog. robin star said she didn't know her husband put louie in the back of the car and she drove to work and didn't find him until hours latter. temperatures by noon had reached 90 degrees on that day. >> tucker barnes joining us now with the weather and a little break from the bad news of the day, the cuteness factor. >> that's right. based on the heat and humidity we have outside, let's started with our cuteness factor of the day.
8:16 am
it is not steve chenevey, it is calany. >> she's so cute. >> i haven't seen tom baby pictures, but that could be you when you were a wee lad. >> it could be me. >> it looks like she was at the pool or down at the beach, enjoying the sunshine. if you're looking for sunshine, we'll have some today, for the first half of the day and into the second part of the day we'll see showers and thunderstorms start moving. she was at the beach celebrating her brother's birthday. to send us your child's picture, gto e, and o click on the morning tab. and down we go to tropical storm danny. maximum winds 60 miles per hour. it is tracking off to the north and west at about 10 miles per hour. we'll have to watch this track very carefully as it may impact weather along the eastern seaboard during the course of the weekend. certainly e possibility -- certainly a strong possibility we'll see some surge and some gusty winds out at nltbe s hehec and there is the possibility if it tracks close enough to the west that we could see some of
8:17 am
the outer rain bands impacting the lower eight -- eastern shore, even close to washington so more on danny coming up. and to washington weather, we're looking at a don't day. you can see some cloudiness across portions of pennsylvania. that is a cold front which will sag in here later today. we have a chance for an isolated shower and maybe a thunderstorm later today and it will be humid and high temperatures in the afternoon in the upper 80s to about 90. be prepared for a hot one this afternoon. here is a look at your forecast. 89 this afternoon. a lot of clouds and a chance for rain and thunderstorms into the forecast this weekend. we have danny passing to the east and a cold front moving through so that one-two combination will give us wet weather this weekend and then cooler this week with high temperatures in the 70s. and now to on-time traffic with julie wright. are people going to the beaches
8:18 am
this weekend? >> don't say it like that. i'll make the face that calany did. that's the face i make when you say the pool is closed. southbound 270, 124 toward rockville, the lanes are open but slow in toward rockville leaving gaithersburg. and lanes open on 355, working well as an alternate. seneca highway, good options down to the beltway. earlier crash mentioned on the inner loop at the american legion bridge has cleared. delays are easing. but in virginia loop is backed up toward 66. still finding delays on 66 between 50 and 123 and nutley street to the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. congress coming back to work in just a couple of weeks now. but during the august break, a lot of member ha been getting an earful on the issue of health care reform. ing nows is jerry connelly of virginia who just sponsored a health care forum for north
8:19 am
virginia senior citizens. we've been talking about the passing of senator kennedy and i know he's been strike -- instrumental in health care. >> and my memories come back, i come from boston and my father was a delegate that nominated ted kennedy to the united states senator and i remember him being a speaker at our high school community breakfast and i came here and i worked in the senate so i had the opportunity to work with him. he was truly a lion of the senate, but he was willing to compromise. and despite a fierce part isan and liberal legislation, he worked well across the aisle and had a lot of friends across the aisle >> and when you go back to dates when you went to the breakfast, did you believe this
8:20 am
would be somebody -- he may have even had presidential aspirations then -- but did you think it would be somebody making this impacts on the senate? , i don't think so. he hunkered dunn after he settled his presidential ambitions and became a legislator. and once he came to grips with that and decided that's who he would be, unlike his two brothers who preceded him who had burning political presidential ambitions, i think it made him the success he became. >> a lot of people now saying what can we take from this now and hope that congress will retain or perhaps learn from, and a lot of that the bipartisan spirit and the understanding of how things work. do you think we'll see any changes now in congressional behavior because of this? or will we learn anything from what he has left behind through his decades of service? >> i hope . i think there's a great fondness for those who knew him, specially in the senate and the other body.
8:21 am
but this debate is going to be a fierce and passionate one. clearly it was a legacy he wanted to see achieved and he fell short of it in his lifetime and i think it will renew the dedication on the democratic side of the aisle to try to get health care reform passed. >> and let's talk about that, not just what is happening in congress, where you guys are supposed to be on vacation but this issue is overshadowing that. but a serious decision as a body when congress reconvenes, but you had a town hall meeting of your own is week with a slight twist. this one didn't have the the attics. how did you accomplish that, and what did you learn that you can now pass along to your colleagues in congress? >> we had a very civil and respectful town meeting and it was very vigorous and lively and both sides passionate, but i think what i learned is if people are willing to listen to
8:22 am
each other and all willing to respect each other's concerns, fears, anxieties, beliefs we can get somewhere. i think by the end of the town meeting that i held, i think some minds were changed about reassurances given about the need for certain reforms that have to occur in the united states. i think there was acceptance of the fact that the current system on the current cost trajectory is certainly not sustainable. something has to happen. >> it's such a complex issue across its board because everybody seems to be affected in a different way. was there any single particular issue that seemed to arise to the forefront from those at the meeting. >> i think the biggest constituents which was focused on the seniors, was will there be changes in medicare and will some bureaucrat decide what coverage i get and i think we
8:23 am
provided assurances in that regard. >> and before we let you go, i want to talk about other thing going on in virginia. yesterday we had creigh deeds on talking about transportation and i know that's a hot-button issue with your self. just bring us up to speed on what you're looking to for transportation needs in virginia. >> in northern virginia, we have a multi-million dollars deficit in transportation. the state has cut way back on transportation in the last couple of years. it's bordering on the catastrophic because we'll run out of matching dollars for federal highway funds. so something has to happen in richmond. i support creigh deeds, i think he's willing to do the hard things and i don't think his opponent will not. >> we're going to have to leave it there. always a pleasure to see you. good luck with the health care battle when you re convene. thank you. fenty field is one of the
8:24 am
names of the soccer fields and it's causing controversy and hear from the mayor when we come back. and then holly is celebrating 100 years of flight at collegeirport. we'll check in with her later here on fox 5 morning news. 73 degrees out there on this thursday morning. gt  need a lift? hey buddy, i appreciate the ride, you know. no problem. ♪ mind if i take a shortcut? yeah, sure. ♪ i knew the subaru legacy was the smart choice... what i didn't expect... was the fun. the all-new subaru legacy. feel the love.
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8:27 am
the d.c. republican committee is taking issue with what they have dubbed fenty field. the new soccer field bears a huge d.c. logo with the mayors name displayed. mayor says he didn't know about it until the ribbon cutting. he spoke about it last hour on fox 5 morning news. >> i'll be honest with you, they could have a point -- it doesn't matter to me what the name is on the field or not. my name is on a all bunch of like traffic signs all over the city. i'm glad we don't put my name on the big permanent ones though. and they can take my name off of it. i really don't care. the field was a dust bowl. i walked around with the principle and i said we have to change this and we made changes. that field now looks as good as anything you would find in say redskins park. >> republicans are insisting the mayor's name be removed.
8:28 am
the field cost taxpayers $558,000. 8:27 right now on this thursday morning. here from the every day people here in the district who got to know senator ted kennedy. >> and one unusual punishment for one cheating husband. what he had to do in the heart of tysons corner, coming up here on fox 5 morning news. this is one way of getting vitamins and minerals. this is another. new total blueberry pomegranate cereal gives you 100% of the daily value of 12 essential vitamins and minerals. new taste of blueberries and pomegranate with crispy whole grain flakes and crunchy oat clusters. total, a truly delicious way to get vitamins and minerals. how are you getting 100%? visit and get a free sample.
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it is 8:30 right now and 73 degrees as we check stories making headlines this morning. today the first of three days for farewells for senator ted kennedy. at noon today a private service on cape cod. then his body will be driven to arlington national cemetery and stopping at place as long the way. and tonight a viewing at the jfk public library. bill richardson dodged criminal charges in a pay to ay federal investigation from new mexico. the justice department decided
8:32 am
not to purse eye a indictment. there was a scheme in which contracts went to a company. and following an affair with a woman in argentina, legislators found use of taxpayer money by the governor in south carolina. this man stood with a sign around his neck on tysons corner yesterday and the sign read, i cheated and this is my punishment. he says it was all his wife's idea. >> i thought he was kidding. but she was serious. so, i figured i have to do what i have to do, to make things right. i can't really say a lot of the things, you know what i mean.
8:33 am
but i've gotten a lot of good luck and god bless. >> even though his wife gave him the okay to come home, the man said -- there he is walking home with the sign. he said he plans to hit the streets with the sign today and tomorrow as well. >> okay. >> yeah. >> i love that the other guy just walked by him, the street worker guy. >> he was standing next to gallows road. >> that's funny. >> i think he's -- >> he's showing that he wants to redeem himself. >> well we wish best for him. weather wise, how is it going to be outside? >> if you're standing out on the corners, i would suggest the first half of the day. e latter hf wwill get thunderstorms but maybe he deserves that. >> maybe he does. for the tears he has ndiuced. we'll start with tropical storm idanny. let's talk about danny very quickly because it could impact us, generally here in the
8:34 am
washington area. maximum winds, i mentioned 60, gusts about 70, moving north and west at 10 miles per hour. watch this projected path. and i have to tell you, the path is subject to change over the next couple days as it tracks off to the north and west. it looks like it will parallel the eastern seaboard as it pushes off to the north and rtheast. by 2:00 saturday moorrning, it could be a hurricane with maximum winds of 70 miles per hour. any way it's likely to bring strong surf o tthe beaches and possibly some of the aba ndts so winn llorthty da llnniac impact the beaches this weekend. we'll watch that track y ga r nan eaaltithonllfu. 75 at reagan national. we're ofre to a mild start. humidity is up there. our oudew point temperatures ar bi tngough the upper 60s. more uncomfortable than yesterday. as the cold front to the north will continue to move through during the co rsof e the tday today and it will give us a chance for a scattered shower, perhaps a thunderstorm as we get into the later afternoon.
8:35 am
i think most of us will be dry. just about a 20% chance you'll encounter a shower or thunderstorm later in afternoon. here is your forecast. partly cloudy skies and showers back in the forecast. high temperature about 89 degrees. winds out of the east at 5 miles per hour. i'll be back in a couple of minutes and take a look at the five-day forecast and i'll let you know what will happen this weekend. that's coming up. let's get to julie wright with our latest on-time traffic. i'm saying that guy will stand on the corner, but maybe he should stop by on the way home and pick up a gift. just an idea. it couldn't hurt. 395 duke street, lanes open toward 14th street bridge. pockets of congestion, from the pentagon to the 14th street bridge. pentagon clearing out nicely toward newington. no accidents on the beltway inner loop, slowed from badock toward 66. crash at the americ legion bridge now gone. this is a live shot, georgia avenue from beltre toward connect put avenue.
8:36 am
the project is at connecticut where the right lane is blocked and this is the delay toward the accident scene. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. the kennedys may about the closest thing this country has to royalty. >> but the people that senator ted kennedy rubbed shoulders with in d.c. says he lived a regular life. roz plater with that story. >> from a union perspective, you must have liked the man tremendously. >> i did. he cared about people. and he cared about this country. >> reporter: bartender mark holland worked in ted kennedy's 1980 campaign for president. customer tom kiegal says the senator invited him to join the labor movement. two people reflecting on the end of an era. >> he was one of the last of the old guards. you would be hard-pressed to name anyone currently in congress who stands for the same ideals that he stands for
8:37 am
or stood for and fought for. >> reporter: it's a conversation taking place at kincaid's, one of kennedy's favorite spots. chef bob kincaid says the massachusetts senator was respond of the irish soda bread, often taking a loaf to go for his sister-in-law. >> i liked his wine. he would get a good bottle of burg and why -- burgundy. >> reporter: and he liked the seafood that reminded him of cape cod. but he was just a regular jo >> self-importance in washington is not uncommon, let's put it that way. he was never like that. he was just a gentleman and very gregarious, very friendly. >> reporter: his neighbors remember him fondly too. several leaving flowers at his doorstep and at his chevy chase church, many say he was a regular at 10:15 mass and every year he would quietly donate one of his paintings to help
8:38 am
raise money for the school. roz plater, fox 5 news. >> senator kennedy reached across the aisle to house republican leader john bayor, reaching $5 million tore d.c. catholic schools. microsoft is making amends after altering a picture on the website. we'll show you the before and after that some say is racist when we come back. and then in these tough economic times many homeowners are on the brink of foreclosure. if you are one of them, help is available for free. details on that when fox 5 morning news coming right back. h
8:39 am
8:40 am
even during times like these, there is a light beginning to shine again. it comes from a restaurant downtown. a shop on main street. a factory around the corner. entrepreneurs like these are the most powerful force in the economy. the reinvention of business begins with them. we don't know all the answers, we do know one thing for certain: we want to help. come see what the beat
8:41 am
the hope now alliance is holding two foreclosure prevenon workshops for homeowners here in the area. one of them at the hilton memorial chapel in woodbridge, virginia today from 2:00 until 8:00 p.m. the other is on saturday from 9:00 until 2:00 at flowers high school in springdale, maryland. homeowners can meet face-to- face with their mortgage company evd and.h.a u. rtd seifieuncoling agency. we're doing our best to he fou yd unina job. we are featuring aanother job o the day from our job shop. today's opening is a hair sailist and il tech at revelations hair salon in crofton. if you would like motee re information on this job and otgohe, rs o and
8:42 am
click on the job shop tab. it's near the top of our home page. microsoft is apologizing for a controversial editing job it's on website. take a look for yourself. on the top of he screen is a noto which appears on the software giant's u.s. website. below it is a image that appears at the polish unit. the african-american's man was replaced with that of a white male. microsoft says it is looking into the details of the picture and has pulled the image off its site. and it is now 8:42. up next, an important recall that could save the life of your child. >> and tips on prepping your out door plants for life inside this winter. stay with us, fox 5 morning news will be right back. 
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♪ till now - ♪ i always got by on my own - ( audience cheering ) ♪ i never really cared ♪ until i met you... a1 makes the burger king steakhouse burger sing. 8:45 right now as we look at stories making headline this is morning. there is a 911 memorial in the
8:46 am
making of the world trade center site in new york. and starting wednesday the site can be previewed. there will be a memorial and museum. there are model that's show what each building will look like when they are finished at ground zero. the memorial is scheduled to open on the 10th anniversary of the attacks. proof that it could happen to anyone, ben bernanke is one of hundreds of those ripped off in a identity ring. a thief stole his wife's purse and began cashing checks. he was part of a group of pickpockets and office workers who swiped personal records. more than 5.5 window blinds and shades are being recalled because they could strangle small children. the horizontal and vertical blinds were sold in big retailers like target, pottery barn and ikea. to find out if you need to take action, go to and look under web links. well it's time to start thinking aut inging those
8:47 am
summer plants inside for winter. winter is approaching. derek is here to remind us about that. joining us with tips on lawns and gardens, derek thomas from thomas landscapes, our gardening expert. hi. >> how are you. >> thank you for bringing in those plants. we could open up our plant shop. so you're helping us make the transition. >> we're tacking about bringing them indoors a lot of people take their tropicals outside during the summer months and you get insects that will like to set up house in your plants. what you want to do, first of all, let's talk about fertilizing because it's really important to build the root structure before you bring them in. this is a great idea. >> look at that. >> this is a single serving fertilizer. u add it to two gallons of water and it takes the guesswork out of it. and so we're done with the fertilizing. when you can do a top dressing of compost or something like
8:48 am
that, the plants will like that. but make sure with plants like this one, this is a very old cleffia and this will flower each year but we have a spider that has decided it likes. >> where is he? >> right in there. we have a spider that likes to be in there too. and you want to use a sponge with some soapy water to clean that leaf off. remove any additional debris that may be on the leaves and with broad leaves like this or the banana plant you were asking me about. >> because my question was, this is such a tropical plant, and bringing itin doors, how do you do that? >> put it in front of a very bright window and make sure that when you do bring it indoors, one of the things that you want to check for, because where the pests tend to -- and this is a bird of paradise which is also a tropical one,
8:49 am
the pests tend to cong reg ate on the under side of the leaves. we're cleaning the under side of the leaves and that will go a long way to prevent the pest infestation. and one of the other things that i like to do with my shawler plants, and if you have a biger plant you can do this. once you have clear add way the debris and things like that, you have cleaned all of the foliage, the only place that pests tend to like is in side the container. and what i will do is once again a very -- i use dawn, but you can use any diluted liquid hand soap, dish washing soap. and i will sub -- submerz the solution. it will become an inhospitable environment for the inspects and when you take it indoors
8:50 am
you won't have strongler -- smugglers. >> i love that. that's like a mad science planter. so get away the old debris. >> anything that can be an insect house, get rid of that and mike sure you've cleaned it up. >> and with the fertilizer, you say it's important to use a slow release fertilizer. >> and the reason for that is you want a slow release, low nitrogen fertilizer, you don't want a whole lot of leaf growth because the plants are going to have to acclimate to the less -- you have less light indoors and they've had a nirvana outdoors. so make sure -- and one thing you don't want to do when you're making that transition is over water for the next couple weeks. >> and add a top dress of compost and you can find derek's tips on our website, and we'll link that to thomas landscapes because we just adore you. >> thank you. >> steve, back to you. >> thank you very much. the time now on this thursday morning is 8:50. coming up next, we're going to check in with holly morris who
8:51 am
continues to celebrate 100 years of flight at the college park airport. holly. >> reporter: and there is a lot to celebrate when you're talking about 100 years. they are doing so with a huge airshow this weekend called airfare 100. we are getting a sneak peek this morning. we'll talk about what you will see and how to see it. coming up next on fox 5 morning news. tm 
8:52 am
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plus the bold new taste of blueberries and pomegranate with crispy whole grain flakes and crunchy oat clusters. total, a truly delicious way to get vitamins and minerals. how are you getting 100%? visit and get a free sample. the crew of the space shuttle discoverhopes the third time is a charm after two delays, they will try to launch again tonight just after midnight. the first delay was caused by the weather and the second by a faulty fuel valve. and that's been fixed so the discovery is hopefully ready to blast off tonight. the mission is to bring supplies to the international space station. now closer to home, this weekend the college park airport is celebrating 100 years of flight.
8:55 am
>> it's considered the world's oldest, continuously operating airport and holly morris joins us live with a look at airfare 100. good morning. >> reporter: it's going to be a great event, if the weather cooperates that is. they have a lot to celebrate here. many historically significant things when it comes to aviation have happened here at this airport. the first one being in 1909, 100 years ago, wilbur wright came here and started training our military aviators. but after that there were other firsts that happened here. the first woman to fly on an airplane was out of this airportch the first military operator to fly solo. the first time they tried to use bombsights. the first controlled helicopter flight. that's just to name a few. and of course it's still an operating airport today. lee schick is the airport manager and you were just telling me you have a message for tucker and the fox 5 weather department. >> would like to put fox 5 on notice thater in charge of the weather this weekend so don't make me call the station later.
8:56 am
>> reporter: obviously you're watching it and fingers crossed everything will turn out and you guys have a big airshow pland and this is the first time you've had a show since 2000. >> w -- excited. it's going to be our # -- 100th anniversary. we've found the cream of the crop acts for this airshow and anybody that comes out of here is going to see flying they've never seen before. >> reporter: we want to give people a different view of the aviation museum so we came up to the second floor to see some of the historical aircraft you have in here. but let's talk about what some people will see on saturday. first thing in the morning is the revealing of the 1909 flyer, or replica, the replica of the model b. flyers will take play at 11:00. and the airport is closed at 10:00 and that's when the
8:57 am
airshow starts. we're beginning with the united states army that will have two ch47 helicopters, the largest helicopter in the military fleet will be here. and they'll show some combat maneuvers. they'll be taking some humvees and slinging them around the airport. >> stop it? >> yes they will. you'll see that. and that will be followed by joe edwards. he has a beautiful 1950 trainer aircraft that he personally owd but joe is a nice person to know as far as learning aviation because he's an ex marine pilot and a veteran of two space shuttle missions as an astronaut. so joe will be here talking to the folks, to talk about the careers in aerospace industry. after that, we're going to get some exciting acts. people don't want to miss bob edsel who has an ultra light airplane that is just a lawn chair and some aluminum tubing. and his friend lisa evans will go along with the ride but
8:58 am
she'll go for a walk around the airplane. >> wing walking amazing me. and you'll i understand some women skydivers. >> the misty blues, the all woman skydiving team will open the show with a giant american flag. they're always the greatest attraction. >> reporter: and what's the best way for families to come out and get the most out of the airshow. >> this is a time you want to think about using our metro rail system. we are just a short block and a half away from the college park university metro station and i recommend that folks go ahead and take the metro. >> and with that, you can hopefully be celebrate 200 years, you and i won't be here, but who flies in and out of the airport on a daily basis. >> was of 9/11 restrictions we do have a few restrictions but we have 50 based aircraft used for business and personal travel. in addition to that, anybody who goes through a vetting
8:59 am
process is allowed to fly in. so on a daily basis, we have people from all over the united states that use this airport as a functioning airport. and because we're so close to metro, it's great because they land here, get on the metro and 18 minutes later they're downtown. >> reporter: lee, thank you so much. is our website. we have a link to theirs. the airfare is this sunday. weather permitting, come on out and ep joy. no pressure, tucker. >> lee has put the gauntlet down. and i'll guarantee we're going to have weather this week. >> don't tell him that, holly. >> keep that one to yourself. >> here is the bottom line. weekend forecast up in e area. it depends on the exact track anof ian d i can guarantee we'll see some rain this weekend. n'cavei git ou githe timing on it right now, but cooler temperatures on way. forecast, ur five-day 89 this afternoon. could be caeerowttsshd er or thunderstorshatm erlt od aayndr better chance into the weekend. and again a cold front approaching d

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